Therapy Dog Training

Often when I go to meet a new dog they mention interest in having their dog eventually become a therapy dog.

I do specific therapy dog training and I can guide you through the process of preparing you and your dog for your final certification in the following ways:

  • The first thing we will do is to determine whether your dog has the possibilities of being a good potential therapy dog because not all dogs are cut out to be therapy dogs. In fact many good dogs are not appropriate for therapy dog work and we will discuss this at the very start.
  • I will walk you step by step through each of the requirements that we will be asked to do in order to be therapy dog certified.
  • I will guide you and your dog session by session through the therapy dog training to learn these many different requirements and how to overcome obstacles that we will encounter along the way.
  • I will arrange for you to attend a therapy dog certification testing with me so that you can see the environment and the actual testing as you will be required to do.
  • I will attend the test with you when your dog is ready to be tested and certified.


What is a Therapy Dog?

Therapy dog training Nassau countyTherapy dogs visit hospitals, schools & universities, rehab centers, retirement homes and many any other places that people are in need of emotional support in the form of a loving dog. Many people in these places are animal lovers and being confined to a facility where they are unable to have their own animal nearby and as a result they are deprived of the unconditional love that animals can provide.
When therapy dogs visit they also provide love in the form of physical contact which is something we all desperately need more of. There’s lots of hugging and cuddling going on when a therapy dog visits, and people often reminisce about their past pets and they share stories. It is a very rewarding experience to attend a therapy dog visit and see first hand how happy everyone becomes in the midst of a friendly loving creature that has nothing but love to give.


If you have an interest in the therapy dog training program call me at (516) 633-5201 to discuss your dog and we will arrange a meeting.