Canine Behavior Modification

A Dog Being Trained to Sit on command an example of Canine Behavior ModificationMany dogs I see have developed behaviors that are very unusual and most often annoying. These become learned patterns that need to be dealt with, eliminated and replaced.
I will visit in person to see what’s going on; listen to what is happening and I will evaluate the situation and tell you what needs to be done.
Then we will begin sessions and as we go along we will evaluate what is working and what is not working and we will arrive at solutions for your dog. Then we will work to reinforce and pattern the new behaviors and manage your dog to success with Canine Behavior Modification.

Behavior Modification For Dogs

The very first thing that I start with is communication so that your dog is 100% clear about what we want and what we do not want. Only then I will begin to design the canine behavior modification or treatment plan which has four components:

  • The first component is showing the dog an alternative acceptable behavior that is what we want as opposed to the negative unacceptable behavior that we want to get rid of. I will see your dog and work this out and present the behavior in a way that your dog easily accepts without a struggle.
  • The second component is the point where I will coach you through managing your dog and helping him or her to succeed.  I will be seeing you and your dog in your home at different times and I will be able to determine your dogs’ triggers and how to minimize them .. I will also see and understand what motivates your dog.
  • The third component is the addition and use of a consequence that is effective and yet mild.  Once again this will be tailored to your dog within your home based on what is working as we proceed through our solutions.
  • Alas…The fourth component is consistency with your family and your dog in your home so that your dog can pattern the new behaviors and let go of the old unwanted actions of the past… I am there to help you along as your dog tests the boundaries that we continue to reinforce, as we arrive at our solutions.

Along with the modifying of most behaviors you will also benefit because Your dog will:

  1. Have a job
  2. Learn basic commands and the appropriate response
  3. Learn to listen and understand what you want
  4. Earn things he likes on a reward based system
  5. Have you as a strong commander