The Merrick Dog Trainer

The Merrick Dog Trainer Maureen Keene owner of Keene KanineMaureen Keene is a fully certified professional local dog trainer and Canine behaviorist offering specialized dog training in Merrick and the surrounding areas of Nassau County Long Island since 2011.

Dog Training Services For Merrick Include:

In home Dog Training Merrick

keene Kanine believes the best time to begin personalized in-home dog training is the moment your new dog or puppy comes home, as with many things in life sooner is always better than later, and learning earlier in life is usually smoother and has greater benefits long term. After an initial complementary training session and evaluation in your home, we will then make an in home dog training plan and begin weekly meeting to train your dog.
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Keene Kanine Specialized Dog Training Merrick NY

Canine Behavior Modification Merrick

Canine Behavior Modification is necessary when a dog develops unusual behaviors that can be annoying or detrimental to the owners or to the dog. Examples such as failure to obey a command, excessive barking, or pulling on the leash, can be addressed with behavior modification programs that are employed by dog behavior specialists like Maureen Keene.
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Daily Dog Excursions Merrick

Dog walking or daily dog excursions are very important to a dog’s well-being, and with Keene Kanime we often do pack walks, beach walks as well as the local dog parks. We also offer dog play-dates and match dogs and then observe pack behavior while training and exercising, which helps dramatically with dog training outside of the home environment. Regular dog walks can have a dramatic effect on your dog including promoting a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, more energy, denser bones, and a diminished risk of depression. With many dogs routine walks can also reduce common behavioral issues.
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Dog Exercise and Play Merrick

More often than not dog exercise and play time can be a big problem solver for most dogs, and please be aware of this important fact that leash walking a dog is not considered play or exercise for the dog, only for the walker. The more exercise you can give your dog, the better. Most young adult dogs need at least one hour of daily exercise per day, and some breeds need a even more, chiefly sporting breeds and herding dogs under the age of five years Learn More About Dog Exercise and Play Merrick

Therapy Dog Training Merrick

Keene Kanine offers therapy dog training in Merrick, we can determine whether your dog has the possibilities of being a potential therapy dog. Plus the actual requirements, therapy dog training sessions through testing and final therapy dog certification.
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Canine Massage Merrick

Dog massage or canine massage has in recent years seen an increase in popularity among owners and canine rehabilitators which promotes health and can aid in helping your dog live a longer, healthier life. Canine massage can help to reduce stress in the body, help the joints, muscles and bones heal, provide basic pain relief, and may assist in the rehabilitation and regeneration of muscle tissue too.
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