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    Google Reviews

    Review stars
    Maureen was fantastic training our doggy
    Dr. Kenny K

    Review stars
    Great trainer worked well with my dog I highly recommend her.
    Ilene s

    Facebook Reviews

    i had a great experience with maureen & would recommend her to anyone dealing with the struggles of puppy training. she helped with improving my dog & i’s communication skills as well as nipped bad habits with unique recommendations that really did work for my dog. she really knows what she is doing & i can’t thank her enough!
    Sam W

    Facebook Reviews

    Maureen, thank you for teaching us the skills and training our pup to be such a well behaved joy to be around. Right from the start you had her trained to go outside and we have been accident free from the start!!! We love spending time with her and with the help of your training we spend our time enjoying her and we know how to make corrections along the way!!! I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a well behaved dog!!! Five stars ⭐️!!!
    Kerry Buscarino G


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    If you are looking for a dog trainer, please look no further! Maureen is absolutely amazing. She is currently training my second puppy. She was so great the first time around I knew I needed her again. If you’ve raised a puppy before, you may think you don’t have much to learn however there are so many tips and tricks Maureen is able to provide that you may have forgotten and many things you never even knew. She has made training my puppy so much easier and honestly just more enjoyable as she know what works and what doesn’t. She’s so knowledgeable. You can ask her literally anything and she will have some piece of great advice or solution for you. She goes out of her way after sessions to go over what to work on and what you’ve gone over and is there to answer any questions you have in between. I am so glad I found her and plan to continue our training! If I ever have another puppy, she will again, be my first call 🙂


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    Maureen is an excellent trainer
    When I picked up my puppy at eight weeks old from the breeder I brought her directly to Maureen on a recommendation She trained  my puppy to do potty on grass turf outside and  when I brought my puppy  home she was thoroughly trained She is also open to giving advice whenever you might have an issue with your puppy, I.e., mouthing, chewing on clothing, shoes, furniture, jumping on guests, etc If you are looking for a Knowledgeable  trainer, I recommend Maureen highly

    Jean W

    Review stars

    Maureen has transformed our Peter (3 yo, Chihuahua) and Wally (9 mo, Chihuahua mix)! They’re both timid in their own ways and she has helped increase their confidence inside and outside the home. Wally’s developed great puppy manners, while Peter, our rescue, has become a more happy, confident dog. I’m happy I can now walk them both on a leash with confidence, and use the skills and commands Maureen has taught to communicate with my dogs, have them focus, and give them the mental stimulation dogs really need. They are exhausted after a session – a tired dog is a good dog! They are so well behaved. We are really impressed with the progress we’ve made working with Maureen. She really cares about dogs and their physical and mental health- I highly recommend her, she is excellent!

    Laura B

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    Daisy is a jack Russell/boxer/pit mix. She’s sweet as sugar with people but not so much with dogs she doesn’t know. She also pulled like crazy on the leash and my poor elbows Couldn’t take it anymore. Maureen took a total control And taught Daisy how to walk in public, how to encounter other dogs without freaking out, And how to enjoy the leash. She was gracious in allowing Our second dog Luna  (shepherd/retriever mix) to walk with us, and Luna benefitted too. Maureen accomplished miracles using only positive reinforcement. We couldn’t be happier and recommend Maureen without reservation.

    Julie G

    Review stars

    No one will treat your dog better than Maureen while also correcting your dogs undesirable behaviors using positive re-enforcement only. Ive used Maureen to help my dog stop pulling while walking on the leash, to stop jumping on people at the door when they first come in and to not beg for food while I am eating. Watching her work is magical as she has a patience and a way of connecting with dogs Ive never seen before. If you want help correcting your dogs undesirable behaviors while also being treated with love, Maureen is the trainer you’ve been looking for.