When it comes to food, some dogs can eat certain things while others are off the table. As a dog owner, you might be wondering what nuts are okay for a dog to accidentally consume and which are the bad ones.

Some nuts are good and some nuts are just going to make your dog sick. While it can be easy to assume that your dog eats things with nuts because they can eat peanut butter, it can be tough when not all of the nuts out there are good for them because eating the wrong nut will cause a dog to need a visit to the vet.

Pet owners need to know what their pooches can eat in general!

You never want to make the mistake of having a candied walnut or an almond on the table and having the dog eat it and not even know whether it makes them sick until a Google search is finished loading.

It is always better to know beforehand, so read on and we’ll tell you all about it. The good news is that there are some good nuts for dogs.

The good nuts are PEANUTS, CASHEWS, and HAZELNUTS. Don’t see any other nuts? Then they’re not safe for dogs. These are the Big Three.

Peanuts are going to be safe for dogs– although consider your dog may be allergic to some nuts like peanuts just like humans are. It’s rare but it happens. Regardless, when they are UNSALTED peanuts that have been taken out of their shells, they can be given to dogs, raw or roasted.

Cashews are a treat for dogs occasionally but they really are just not ideal. Eating too many causes stomach pain. Plus these nuts are so dang expensive that they may not even be something you want to give to a dog. However, if they eat a few it might be okay.

But the cashews must be roasted/cooked because raw cashew nuts have toxins that go away when baked or cooked at high temps. Dogs can eat hazelnuts as they are nontoxic but make sure that small dogs avoid them though because their round nature makes them easy to choke on. It could even cause an intestinal obstruction.

So if those are okay, then what are the so-called “bad nuts”?


Almonds are delicious for humans but bad for dogs. While a great topping on a cheese, these nuts are non-toxic but hard to digest and cause gastric intestinal distress. Basically, bad for the tummy. Walnuts are not ideal for dogs to eat either as they contain a toxin known to cause seizures, so don’t let them eat those.

Pecans have toxins that can cause obstruction or gastric intestinal upset. The high amount of fat in Macadamia nuts is going to cause upset stomach and even pancreatitis. They may have a toxin that causes neurologic problems too.

The same goes for pistachios, minus the toxin/neurological issues. Hickory nuts are toxic and can cause intestinal upset/obstruction. Don’t let your dogs eat the bad nuts– good nuts only from here on out!