Do you have a dog? Is your dog well trained, but you want to teach your dog to roll over? The good news is that it is very easy to do!

Teaching your dog how to roll over is a cute trick that they will think is fun (especially if they get a treat afterwards).

You will love teaching your dog this trick! It does help if your canine friend already knows the command for down and can follow it well as this is a bit involved in the training process.

To start out teaching this trick, you are going to have to master the “down” command– you and your pet! So, are you ready to teach your dog how they can easily roll over?

Then we are ready to begin! Start by saying the down command to your dog. Give them the command and when they go down, kneel by them and have the treats ready to go by your side.

You’re going to build on things from there. Once your dog knows the down command, kneel down by them and get the treat, holding it by the side of their head by his or her nose.

You are then going to move your hand, taking it from the nose to the shoulder so that you are luring your dog to roll on the side flat.

Attempt this a couple of times, giving a treat and praise every time your pup goes after the treat, lying on the side with head on the floor. Continue hand motion, holding treat. Once they’re flat from shoulder to backbone, then will roll onto their back.

Keep moving the treat so that the dog will roll onto their other side from where they are. Have your dog follow the treat, and when they’re doing it consistently then add the cue verbally of ‘roll over’.

You can reduce the hand and treat motion until they can do it! Just remember to reward with treats and praise your dog for their work and you both have mastered this trick!


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