Do you know that teenage dogs are rebellious? Well, according to several studies, pooches undergo notable behavioral changes when they reach puberty, similar to adolescent human beings.

As per the research conducted by scholars at the University of Nottingham and Newcastle University (involving Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and a crossbreed of the two), dogs tend to behave like humans when they are in their teens. The survey, which was published in the Biology Letters journal, indicated that these changes occur when they are between six and nine months old. 

During puberty, researchers discovered that dogs ignored the commands given by their caregivers. Moreover, dogs that are insecure about their relationship with their owner do not hold back their feelings; they tend to become anxious when separated from their owner and reach puberty faster than others. 

These changes are significant to a dog’s life, which is why veterinary doctors recommend taking more care of your pets. If you are thinking about putting it up for adoption, you should consider the possible effects that the event will have on the dog. For instance, it can start acting up when it gets a new owner or gets introduced to a new environment.

Apparently, most people let go of their dogs when they get older since they lose the cuteness of a puppy. Also, older dogs are difficult to control and train, which is not the case for puppies. That said, it is important to know that this phase is temporary and goes away with time. Similar to the rebelliousness shown by human teens, it fades away after a short while.

While the facts mentioned in this report are new to many, some people are aware of them. A substantial number of dog owners notice behavioral changes when their pets reach puberty, although there is no empirical evidence to back it up. The report goes on to state that these changes are similar to those experienced by people. This means that dogs can be disobedient to their owners, the same way that teenagers disobey their parents. However, it is worth noting that this phase elapses with time.

If you want your dog to undergo puberty faster, you should avoid treating it badly. Instead of yelling, it would be best if you took care of it. This is because dogs, like people, react adversely to repeated harsh treatment.