Online Dog Training

This is an online dog training program unlike any other.

First you will experience a free training session with me & we will review your on site situation with your dog… as we discuss your goals in the environment of your home and in your unique setting.

My training does not follow a rigid course ; as I am able to customize each and every dog’s training according to my client’s particular needs and wants..
I will be able to direct you and coach you remotely .. while creating a very similar experience to an in person meeting…..I will be able to guide you to successful communication with your dog .. while Teaching the behaviors that you want and helping you to eliminate the behaviors That you do not want.

We will text frequently in between sessions in order to keep up with progress and to avoid setbacks …& I am readily available to connect in between our meeting times
My remote meetings successfully handle crate and potty training, separation anxiety, many types of aggression, resource guarding,
Jumping, puppy nipping, pulling on the leash.

Counter surfing, Basic obedience, socialization, introducing strangers into the home..& The list goes on

Call me for an introductory free training session and let me show you how I can help you today to point your dog in the right direction!