In Home Dog Training

Certified in home dog training with Keene Kanine specialized dog training

This is a wonderful start for any dog newly joining a home or a dog that has not had any education on the basic commands and the appropriate responses.
I have trained lots of puppies and lots of rescue dogs and after an initial complementary training session and evaluation in your home, we will then make an in home dog training plan and begin meeting weekly to train your dog with nothing but positive reinforcement techniques.
For puppies I have solutions for nipping, jumping, destruction and unruliness. This training will include all of the basic commands that are necessary to responsibly own a dog in any urban setting such as Long Beach, Long Island or even New York City and any other active busy dog rich area’s.

Personalized In-home dog training

My focus in the beginning of personalized in home dog training is on communication and helping you to clearly let your dog know what it is you want and that is number one and once we establish that we can begin teaching commands.
I incorporate hand signals as well as verbal commands as dogs respond more quickly to a visual than an audio….
The COME command usually referred to as recall can be a lifesaver and it requires classical conditioning to ensure a reliable response.
I do lots of long leash training to help the dog simulate being free and loose so that we can test our training and learn to work through distractions in an effective way..
I have extensive knowledge when it comes to house training and any type of potty in the house problems..whether it is a puppy in training or an adult dog with an issue… and all puppies need guidance in this department so that is included in the program of basic in home training.

No dog training job is too big or too small. At Keene Kanine we deal with potty training, puppy manners, destruction within the home, unruliness around visitors, leash pulling, bad behavior around other dogs, fearful dogs and aggression.

Call me today for a consultation to discuss in home dog training and how I can help you with your dog.