Dog Training Vermont

Maureen Keene the founder of Keene Kanine has recently purchased a home in Stowe Vermont not too far from the other Stowe Keene’s. It is here in Stowe where she plans to spend time and help others in the area with their dogs in the same way that she has helped so many dog owners on the South Shore of Long Island.

Keene Kanine is excited to be expanding dog training services to Stowe Vermont.

Dog Training Vermont with Keene Kanine located in StoweVermont is where Maureen plans to provide dog boarding, doggy daycare, dog excursions, canine massage and personalized canine behavior solutions, as well as puppy manners, canine communication and basic command training.

Keene Kanine plans on holding seminars and “Ask the Trainer” meetings so that the town of Stowe can become familiar with this relative newcomer who is coming to join an amazing town and a wonderful community.

The dog training services Maureen plans on offering to Stowe residents have proven to be quite effective during the many years she has offered her canine expertise to dog owners on Long Island.  Our industry leading dog training services have even earned us a “Best of Long Island” award in 2018, which has further cemented the claims from all of her clients that her dog training methods have produced the best results.

The Keene Kanine Stowe website will be launching soon where you will find further details on the dog training services offered plus times and dates of availability including meeting Maureen in person prior to any dog training sessions.

This is an exciting new chapter in the history of Keene Kanine in an entirely different territory scattered with stunning mountain peaks, babbling brooks, green valleys, deep forests, blue skies and dreams of the future!

If you are interested in dog training in Vermont call Maureen Keene at (516) 633-5201.

Image of The Vermont Countryside