Dog Exercise and Play

dog training and dog exercise and play in long beach NYI see a lot of dogs and, as I arrive at my dog training solutions, I find that many dogs need more exercise and play than they are getting. As a matter of fact, increased canine exercise is often a big problem solver. I can help you to plan exercise into your dog’s day — whether it be a scheduled walk or a run or a scheduled dog with other dog play.

Dog Exercise and Dog Play

Dogs are meant to lead an active life and one of the biggest problems I see is a lack of dog exercise and play which leads to behavior problems in dogs of all breeds. Most dog breeds are bred with a specific purpose in mind, such as hunting, farming or protection, these are all purposes that require a lot of activity, so much so that there very survival often depended on it.

Today’s dogs are no longer performing the duties that they were originally bred for and therefore this leads to behavior problems due to boredom, excessive energy and possibly even being overweight too. Dogs in the wild would spend up to 80% of there day foraging for food, or even if domesticated and on a farm herding other animals the majority of the day they are outside and active. But in today’s world most are bored or sleeping during the day while their owner is at work and then once they do return, they are served food in a bowl with absolutely no effort or energy required to attain that food. Is it any wonder that behavior problems ensue?

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