Daily Dog Excursions

Daily Dog Excursion with Keene KanineI pick up bored dogs to go out with me on daily dog excursions. We do pack walks in point lookout & in the west end, and we go to the beach where we are allowed and we go to the dog parks too.  I match the dogs up with other playdates that have fun together.  This is a custom unique service offered by no one else locally. Often I am training a dog whom I realize needs much more activity and exercise than it is getting.  There are times when I am able to fulfill that need by incorporating that dog into my pack.


A Daily Dog Walking

Spending time with dogs in this manner allows me to observe them in a different setting than I see in their home environment.  These observations lead to my knowledge about the best way to handle each dog and other dogs in general and this time helps me to build the philosophies that are the cornerstone of my groundbreaking training solutions and success.  I incorporate training and the obedience of simple commands in all of the time spent with any dogs including my own dog.

I also incorporate agility into the mix so that the dogs learn to jump through hula hoops and run through tunnels and get over fears as they gain confidence in their skills and learn to listen.  I also incorporate music in the time spent with dogs and I have created many simple songs that all the dogs know and love and respond to behaviorally in a positive way my writings towards my book endeavor ”the musical dog” are often inspired by my time spent with my previously bored dogs.

These daily dog excursions are an exclusive service offered by Keene Kanine, and it is a remarkably effective way to give your dog exercise and to get to know the dog a little better in order to effectively train him or her.


If you have an interest in the daily dog excursions call me at (516) 633-5201