Board and Train

Board and train program from Keene KanineThis is a great option for someone going on vacation; you can accomplish two things for the price of one with our board and train services. This is also a great option for a new puppy owner and first-time dog owners; let someone else do the crate training and initial potty training and teaching of commands and then you can pick up where I leave off. This is customized and personalized training for the duration of your needs and based on your goals.

“Give me a call to find out more about it and how I can help you”

Board & Train With Keene Kanine

“My ‘board and train’ program is like no other in that it is personalized and tailored for your specific dogs’ needs”.
I will visit your home and tailor your dogs’ training to fit into your household, your Family, and your schedule. A two-week stay is usually recommended, and you can call me to discuss the custom training that you are looking for.

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